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Available Communities in North Palm Beach

Development Name Type of Property Price Range
Admiralty Condo(s) Town home(s)    $299,900.00 - $299,900.00
Everglades Condo(s) Town home(s)    $329,900.00 - $329,900.00
Gemini Condo(s) Town home(s)    $189,000.00 - $249,890.00
Governors Pointe Condo(s) Town home(s)    $385,000.00 - $415,000.00
Lake Colony Condo(s) Town home(s)    $85,000.00 - $125,000.00
Lands End Condo(s) Town home(s)    $390,000.00 - $432,500.00
Marina Bay Condo(s) Town home(s)    $250,000.00 - $250,000.00
North Palm Beach Condo(s) Town home(s)    $240,000.00 - $3,499,000.00
Northlake Condo(s) Town home(s)    $202,000.00 - $202,000.00
Sandpiper Condo(s) Town home(s)    $169,900.00 - $219,000.00
Shore Club Condo(s) Town home(s)    $142,500.00 - $189,900.00
Waterway Condo(s) Town home(s)    $179,000.00 - $3,499,000.00


North Palm Beach

The village of North Palm Beach, in Palm Beach County, Florida, is home to over 13,000 year-round residents, nearly half of which live on the waterfront or in canal front properties. The area is an extraordinarily stable community in terms of property values and is known for its recreation and leisure services programs. Incorporated in 1956, North Palm Beach is home to one of the finest municipal golf courses in the state of Florida, with its Country Clubs ranked among the finest.

North Palm Beach is a family oriented, neatly-maintained residential community located north of the West Palm Beach metropolitan area. North Palm Beach is known as a boating community which testifies to its rather large and intricate network of canals and waterways. North Palm Beach is renown throughout Palm Beach County and a great portion of the State of Florida for its quality of life. North Palm Beach is reputed for its family orientation and its strong family values found throughout the community. This is reflected in the recreation programs and facilities developed and maintained by the village.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams in North Palm Beach. We have a direct relationship with the major builders to offer you the best prices, but if you can’t wait for the pre-construction process, we have a comprehensive listing of houses, apartments, condos and townhomes available in the market.
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